(2019 – 2022) Towing Capacity Of Dodge Ram 1500 & Payload Chart

The towing capacity of a Dodge Ram 1500 is how much the truck’s total weight the truck can pull behind it.

This could be on a trailer, a camper, or a vehicle attached to a towbar. Payload, on the other hand, is how much the Ram can carry in the bed and cab of the truck, including the tongue weight of anything being towed behind it.

They both work together when towing. This is why it is essential to know the weight of whatever is being pulled. The amount carried inside the Dodge and the limits that the Ram 1500 has.

Towing Capacity of Ram 1500

When looking at the Dodge Ram 1500 towing capacity of 2019 to 2022 models, a one size fits all number is impossible.

Depending on the engine under the hood, the Ram trucks can have a maximum towing capacity of 7,600 to 12,750 pounds.

That is a substantial amount of room for error when trying to figure out what can and cannot be towed.

The best thing to do is to open the driver’s door and check out the sticker on the jamb.

It will give you the exact amount of the towing capacity, and the payload weight, that the truck was designed to carry and pull.

If anything has been changed or upgraded, the numbers may have gone up or down, but the base truck can match the numbers found on the door.

Payload Capacity Of The Dodge Ram 1500

The payload capacity of the Dodge Ram 1500 is largely dependent on the frame and the suspension put under that frame.

The engine size will make a difference in the truck’s performance when loaded, but it does not directly affect the payload capacity.

Some other variables may also come into play, such as having most of the weight over the axle instead of being thrown into the bed without thought of placement.

If the load is placed into the truck properly and the suspension and tires are in good shape, the expected payload capacity of the Ram 1500 will be 2,300 pounds.

Upgrades to the suspension can improve this amount, but the stock truck will max out with this amount of weight.

Ram 1500 Towing Capacity Chart

The easiest way to see the actual towing capacities for the Dodge Ram is to make a table that lists all the information that will ever be needed to tow or haul any type of weight.

These numbers are what the car manufacturer has stated the truck’s weight limits will be, which should match the numbers on the inside edge of the driver’s door on the truck.

2022 Dodge Ram 1500 towing and payload capacity chart

Supercharged 6.2L 8,100 lbs 1,310 lbs
5.7L Hemi with Etorque 12,750 lbs 1,860 lbs
5.7L Hemi 11,610 lbs 1,940 lbs
3.6L Pentastar with Etorque 7,730 lbs 2,300 lbs
3.0L Ecodiesel 12,560 lbs 2,090 lbs

The 2022 Dodge Ram offered five different engine sizes, with the base option being the 3.6L Pentastar with Etorque.

This competent, multi-purpose engine can tow and haul almost anything you need to move around.

The best Dodge Ram 1500 towing capacity goes to the trucks upgraded to the 5.7L with Etorque.

The engine comes with a horsepower rating of 395 and a torque of 410 pound-feet, which is not as powerful as the 6.2L, but it was built for work and not for speed.

2021 Dodge Ram 1500 towing and payload capacity chart

Supercharged 6.2L 8,100 lbs 1,404 lbs
5.7L Hemi with Etorque 12,750 lbs 1,940 lbs
5.7L Hemi 11,440 lbs 2,320 lbs
3.6L Pentastar with Etorqur 7,600 lbs 2,300 lbs
3.0L Ecodiesel 12,560 lbs 2,040 lbs

The towing package that could have been added to the Ram truck improves the overall towing experience, which could be found in any year of 1500.

The numbers for the towing capacity of the Ram 1500s are very similar every year. When thinking about it, why would Dodge change something so great?

The trucks with the 5.7L Hemi with Etorque are once again the best option for towing capacity.

The horsepower and torque are 395 and 410 pound-feet, like the 2022 Ram, which gives the truck plenty of power for towing and hauling.

The one small change that can be seen in the numbers is that the hauling capacities of all the motors are slightly less, which can be attributed to the lack of the new year’s technological advancements.

2020 Dodge Ram 1500 towing and payload capacity chart

Supercharged 6.2L 8,100 lbs 1,404 lbs
5.7L Hemi with Etorque 12,750 lbs 1,830 lbs
5.7L Hemi 11,610 lbs 1,970 lbs
3.6L Pentastar with Etorque 7,730 lbs 2,300 lbs
3.0L Ecodiesel 12,560 lbs 2040 lbs

Some of the numbers for the 2020 model years are going down even more than the later years, but that is expected when you factor in all the new and improved upgrades the production engineers invest in each year.

Minor upgrades to the body and suspension can make significant differences.

For the 2020 model year, the best truck for towing capacity amounts is once again the truck that came with the 5.7L Hemi with Etorque technology.

It edges out the 3.0L Ecodiesel motor by a slight amount, but it has much less payload capacity, so the task that the truck is used for the most will need to be the deciding factor upon which truck is the best for the jobs that need to be done.

2019 Dodge Ram 1500 towing and payload capacity chart

Supercharged 6.2L 8,100 lbs 1,404 lbs
5.7 Hemi with Etorque 12,750 lbs 1,830 lbs
5.7 Hemi 11,610 lbs 1,970 lbs
3.6L Pentastar with Etorque 7,730 lbs 2,300 lbs
 3.0 L Ecodeisel 12,560 lbs 2,040 lbs

The 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 began the newly designed trucks that increased the towing and payload capacity.

The 5.7L Hemi with Etorque is the best motor for towing in the Ram truck, but the base 3.6L Pentastar with Etorque has the best payload capacities, edging out the diesel by almost 300 pounds.

The supercharged 6.2L may seem like the best option for towing and payload, but it was not designed to be a work truck.

The big engine was made for performance, shown in the numbers of all the ram 1500s listed.

The diesel engine may also seem like a good choice, and when looking at the numbers, it is apparent that it falls in second place for the best Dodge Ram 1500 Towing capacity and payload.

In the 2019 to 2022 towing capacity of Ram 1500 trucks competition, the hands-down winner for every year is any truck that comes with the 5.7 Hemi with Etorque.

The payload capacity falls slightly short, giving the winning nod to the Ram 1500s with the basic 5.7L Hemi.

Towing Capacity Of Dodge Ram 1500 Over Other Trucks

For many, the towing capacity of a truck is what makes it good or bad. Consumers all have their own opinions on which truck is best and which car maker they prefer to support. The thing is, though, that numbers do not lie.

The car manufacturer gives the statistics to the public every year when the truck comes out. Let’s look at some of those numbers of the towing capacity of Dodge Ram trucks compared to some of the competition.

01. Ram 1500 vs. Silverado 1500

The Dodge Ram’s maximum towing capacity is 12,750 pounds, while the Chevrolet Silverado has a maximum of 13,300 pounds. A 550-pound difference is not much until you try to tow a bigger trailer or vehicle.

02. Ram 1500 vs. Sierra 1500

It may be thought that since the Sierra and the Silverado are basically the same, the towing capacities would also be the same.

That is not the case, though. The Dodge 1500 has a maximum towing capacity of 12,750 pounds, and the Sierra 1500 maxes out at 11,800.

03. Ram 1500 vs. Ford F150

When comparing the more powerful V8s, it would be thought that they have the best towing capacities, but the Ford F150 puts that thought to rest.

The Ford F150 V6 has a maximum towing capacity of 13,200 pounds, while the Doge Ram 1500 V8 has a maximum of 12,750 pounds.

The Dodge Ram 1500 towing capacity amounts are relatively consistent across the 2019 to 2022 model years.

Except for the TRX, the Rams were built for work. They can haul and tow anything you have, but it is not the best on the market.

If the brand name is what you prefer over the specs, rest assured that the Dodge Ram 1500 will get the job done.

Factors Affecting The Towing Capacity Of The Dodge Ram 1500

The towing capacity of Ram 1500 trucks has a few factors that come into play.

Not every truck has the same maximum towing capabilities, nor will every trim level be the same.

Each truck is unique because of the 4 factors affecting the towing capacity of the Dodge Ram 1500.

  • Engine Size

As a general rule, the bigger the horsepower and torque of an engine, the more it will be able to tow and haul.

  • Cab Size

When talking about the same motor size (let’s go with the best, which is the 5.7 Hemi with Etorque), the bigger the truck’s cab is, the more weight it will have.

This means that the more oversized cabs will have lower towing capacities because the motor is already working harder to propel the Ram 1500 down the road.

  • Trim

The perfect example of this factor would be the Dodge Ram 1500 TRX. It comes with the biggest motor, the 6.2L, but it is the worst truck for towing.

Each trim is made for a specific job, which may not always be the best modification for towing capacities.

  • Equipment

Added equipment increases the weight of the Ram 1500. More weight means less towing capacity, which was already touched upon above.

Other factors will also affect how much the truck can tow, such as how much weight is carried in the bed.

A little bit of weight added to the truck will decrease the towing capacities, as will any changes that have been done to the suspension and engine.

How To Increase Towing Capacity Of Dodge Ram

There are numerous things that you can do to increase the towing capacity of Dodge Ram trucks. Some little changes in the truck can add a few hundred pounds to the maximum limits of the towing amounts.

Some are easy, and some are a little more complicated, but they can give you just enough to haul the camper sitting in the field.

  • The Right Hitch

The first thing that can give the Dodge Ram 1500 more towing capacity is to install the proper ball and hitch.

The hitch is not only designed to hold the weight of the trailer being towed, but it helps to spread the weight out more evenly.

  • Program The Computer System

The basic Ram 1500 will be programmed to increase fuel efficiency and have the less towing ability.

A few changes by a professional can improve your towing capabilities by a substantial amount.

  • New Axles

Your axles are the main parts of the Dodge that will be responsible for holding the weight of whatever is being towed.

Bigger axles will increase the weight limits of the truck, giving you the towing capacity of a Dodge 3500 but keeping the smaller half-ton version.

  • Upgrade The Suspension

This is the same concept as changing the axles. In fact, there is no point in changing out the axles without changing the suspension parts as well. This will also increase the weight that can be towed.

When making such changes, the truck will need to be optimized for the added weight.

Better brakes should be installed that can handle the job of stopping the truck and trailer in a short time.

The exhaust and radiator might also need to be upgraded. Anything that will improve the safety and efficiency of towing should be swapped over when doing any modifications.

Different Towing Accessories For Dodge Ram 1500

The aftermarket parts available for towing are many, but not all are worth the money. The pieces will need to do one of two things. It must improve the performance of the Dodge Ram, or it should enhance the safety of 1500.

  • Backup Alarm

Seeing behind the truck can be hard enough, but it is even worse when a trailer or car on a towbar is added.

A backup alarm will improve the situation’s safety because it will let people know that you are headed backward, giving them time to get out of the way.

  • Backup Cameras

The truck may already have a camera system that allows the driver to see behind them and the trailer. If not, they can be added, which will also improve the safety aspect of towing.

  • Side Mirrors

Many Ram trucks come with side mirrors designed for everyday driving unless the truck has a towing package.

If the mirrors do not stick out far enough to give good vision behind the object being towed, install some that do.

  • Weight Of The Tongue

The more weight you have on the truck, the less weight you can tow. The tongue is one of the most significant weight distribution issues, so it is essential to match the tongue and ball to the job.

  • Supplementary Brakes

The bigger the trailer is, the worse your braking distance will be. It also leaves the driver the chance of jackknifing when a hard brake is required. Adding supplementary brakes will increase the braking motion, increasing performance and safety.

Aftermarket parts can do several things for the Dodge Ram. Safety issues should always be the first additions made, and then performance issues can be addressed. As the saying goes, safety first should be on the top of the priority list when trying to tow safely.

Important Tips For Towing With Dodge Ram

Towing is not as simple as hooking the trailer to the truck, jumping into the Dodge, and hitting the road. If this attitude is the type the driver has, some issues may come up that could affect the rest of their lives. 5 important tips need to be considered whenever towing.

  • Check The Tires

The tires need to be in good shape and have the proper air pressure. This includes the tires on the trailer or the car that is being towed.

  • Dodge Maintenance Up To Date

Every Ram 1500 will have a maintenance schedule that should be followed. Make sure it is up to date before going on a trip with something towed behind.

  • Match The Hitch

The ball and the hitch need to match the size and style of the trailer tongue. It should fit snuggly but allow a little movement for going around corners and backing up at an angle.

  • Safety Chains

Never tow anything without ensuring that the safety chains are in good shape and attached correctly. It can save the lives of a lot of people if the trailer should come off the ball.

  • Check All Lights

The lights on the Dodge and the trailer must be checked to ensure they work. If the trailer lights do not match the truck, fix the connection before taking off.

These five things need to be checked before ever trying to tow. Some obvious driving habits will also need to be changed, such as cutting corners and racing off the line from a stop light. Drive safe, and always drive defensively when towing.


Which Dodge Ram 1500 has the biggest payload?

The basic truck is the way to go when talking about hauling anything (payload capacity). The Ram with the 3.6L V6 with Etorque technology consistently sits at a 2300 pounds payload.

How much can a Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi tow?

Depending upon the year of the truck, the expected towing capabilities of a basic 5.7 Hemi will be around 11,610 pounds. If talking about the 5.7 Hemi with Etorque it will be a little higher, averaging about 12,750 pounds.

Which Ram 1500 engine is best for towing?

The Dodge Ram 1500 with the best towing capacity is the 5.7 Hemi with Etorque. It can tow 12,750 pounds easily and consistently.

How do I increase the towing capacity of my Dodge Ram 1500?

You can improve the towing capacity of your Ram truck in several ways. Numerous aftermarket parts are available to improve the amount you can tow, plus help the performance of your truck while doing it.

What does max payload mean?

The maximum payload of your Dodge ram 1500 is how much it can carry in the bed and cab safely. This number would also need to include the weight of anything you may be towing or the tongue weight, as it is commonly called.

Final Thoughts

The towing capacity of any truck is what makes it a truck. If the Ram cannot tow your camper, boat, and utility trailers, then there is no point in having it.

Most trucks are meant to be work trucks, which is why they are bought in the first place.

The higher the towing capacity is, the more of a truck it seems to be in the eyes of the consumers buying them.

The payload is a commonly forgotten aspect of the truck that needs to be considered.

The Dodge Ram 1500 needs to be able to tow all the toys and work trailers, but it must also be able to haul heavy loads in the bed.

More times than not, a load will be placed in the bed unless it is too big to fit. Even then, it may end up back there with ratchet straps holding it in.

The bottom line is that the Dodge Ram 1500 is quickly becoming one of the most popular trucks on the market.

They look good, feel good, perform well, and they are ready to go when it comes time to play.

The truck’s towing capacity may be the most significant buying point, but it is not all there is to them.

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